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Gift Shop Early, Use Code TAKE15 to Save 15%, Plus Always FREE Shipping On orders of $99 or More.
Types of Wall Decal Materials

Which Material Should I Select for My Custom Wall Decal?

     Wallhogs currently offers four different type of wall decal materials - each intended for different installation surfaces and you can review the side-by-side comparison of each here.  When Wallhogs launched in 2006 we only offered our reusable vinyl media, however in 2008 added two Photo-Tex polyester wall decal fabrics then in 2015 made another addition of our own in-house material called Wall Decor Fabric.

Reusable Wall Decal Vinyl Material

    Our original 4-mil reusable vinyl is still in use today and is our most popular wall decal media.  The 4-mil references the thickness of our vinyl meaning it is about as thick as a heavy-duty outdoor trash bag.  Most printers utilize a 6-mil vinyl for their wall decals and you can easily discern, once installed, the image is a sticker on the wall due to its thickness.  We utilize a thinner version of vinyl so once installed your decal appears to painted on the wall, as well as offering the benefits of easy removability and reusability without leaving any, or very little, residue.  Wallhogs vinyl wall decals are only intended for indoor use on flat, smooth, painted surfaces in temperature controlled environments.

Photo-Tex Fabric Wall Decal Material

     The second of four wall decal materials is our removable and reusable Photo-Tex polyester fabric.  Wallhogs was the very first to offer this finely woven polyester fabric as a custom wall decal.  We made the addition of this material due to its versatility of use in both indoor and outdoor environments, as well as the ability to adhere to slightly textured wall surfaces.  This is our premium wall decal material and is a simple peel and stick install that offers the benefits of easy removability and reusability with leaving any residue.  Unlike our vinyl material this media can withstand a high degree of varying temperatures, indoor or outdoor, and will adhere to slightly textured surfaces such as fine orange peel or eggshell.

Photo-Tex EXS Fabric Wall Decal Material

    The third media consist of the same fabric as our Photo-Tex media above, however maintains a much more aggressive, permanent adhesive.  This material is called Photo-Tex EXS and like standard Photo-Tex can withstand indoor or outdoor temperatures.  The main difference is the permanent adhesive allows the media to adhere to a majority of textured surfaces such as fine, medium or heavy orange peel, eggshell, knockdown and both multi-coat painted cinder block and brick.  Wall decals produced on this material are a one time use and are not removable and reusable.

Wall Decor Fabric Material

     The final media, Wall Decor Fabric, was added to our offerings due to customers requesting a much less inexpensive polyester fabric material that could only be used indoors.  Wallhogs developed this material in partnership with one of the industries largest digital print material manufactures and in 2015 mad it available to our customers.  This wall decal media offers the same resistance to temperature fluctuations as Photo-Tex but is only intended for indoor use on flat-smooth-painted surfaces.

     As you can see we essentially offer a wall decal media for nearly any type of job or application surface.  These wall decal materials, combined with our 10-color print process offers you the benefits of:

  • Hi-Res Digital Printing for Rich, Eye-Popping Colors w/Smooth Gradients
  • Water Resistant
  • Weatherproof (Photo-Tex & Photo-Tex EXS ONLY)
  • Clean & Easy Removability & Reusability
  • Easy to Maintain & Clean w/Damp Cloth
  • UV & Fade Resistant for up to 15 Years Indoors & 7 Years Outdoors   

     Again, you may compare all four material side-by-side here, or have questions:  contact one of our wall decal experts via email at, or speak to them Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST at (877) 900-4647 or, get started now by uploading your image and ordering.  We provide electronic proofs within 24 business hours and will ship your custom wall decal just a few days after.

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