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Wallhogs In the News


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March 31, 2011; This segment included Tamron Hall and George Oliphant transforming a former workout room into an office, and George provides Tamron some tips for making an old room look new again using Wallhogs.  This clip is no longer hosted on the Today Show's website.


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May 7, 2007; Host Mary Chamberlain previews Wallhogs for redecorating your children’s bedroom on Weekend Makeover TV. Watch as she shows tips ranging from installation to cleaning and maintenance of your own wall decals. Due to cancellation of the show in 2008 this clip is no longer available.



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May 10, 2012; Designer Annie Selke shows people how  they can upgrade their existing rooms inexpensively. She provides a basement makeover for a client family using several different products, including Wallhogs. We produced small 6" Matchbox cars for display in the room and they are available in the Wallhogs catalog under the Vehicles category. Click here to review the online article or pick up the printed magazine version at your local supermarket.



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July 14, 2010; This article, written by Sonia Zjawinski, provides several new and popular products for redecorating your space. Sonia provides several very unique products and explains how you can turn your own photographs into lifesize wall murals or decals for a very reasonable cost at Wallhogs. Click here to read the article…



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April 28, 2011; This article was picked up from the New York Times and recreated on Gizmodo’s website. The original article, written by Sonia Zjawinski, was slimmed down, and includes a Wallhog of her cat installed on her fridge! Click here to read the article…

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You can locate 39 articles on TechCrunch pertaining to Wallhogs. Each article focuses on several different aspects of the company to include; a profile about the company and co-founders, information pertaining to the products and sponsorships. Click here to visit and select an article…



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 July 6, 2010; Kimberly provides a fantastic review about the “New Generation of Cardboard Cutouts”. In her review Wallhogs is one of two quality companies that provide custom or catalog wall decals in different sizes for an extremely reasonable price. Click here to read her article….




November 17, 2008; In this article for HGTV a mother shows how she transformed her sons room into a sports mecca using Wallhogs. She used several images from the Wallhogs catalog to include a giant football and basketball, as well as a football helmet.  This article is no longer available as the Rate My Space section has been replaced by a new topic called My Photos.