Wallhogs Marketing Affiliate Partner Program

Wallhogs Marketing Affiliate Partner Program

     Welcome to Wallhogs Marketing Affiliate Program.  Are you a website owner that is seeking to earn additional income from driving traffic to other websites?  Wallhogs Marketing Affiliate Program allows you to drive traffic to any of Wallhogs web pages, and if a customer that was redirected from an ad on your website makes a purchase you earn a commission.

      Learn more about the entirety of the program to include; What it is, how it works, what tools are provided, and of course the most important aspect - how do you make money?  Once you are certain you wish to join us as a partner, absolutely free of charge, simply complete the fields at the bottom of this page for enrollment and your application will be reviewed within 24 business hours.  If accepted your account will be tagged with the 20% commission base and you will receive an email informing you of your acceptance.

     Please do not hesitate to contact our marketing department if you have any questions about the program. You can reach us at affiliates@wallhogs.com and one of our associates will respond to your inquiry within 24 business hours.

Enroll in the Wallhogs Marketing Affiliate Partner Program

What Is Wallhogs Marketing Affiliate Partner Program


     The Wallhogs Marketing Affiliate Partner Program is intended for use by any potential partner that wants to place a Wallhogs graphics banner or text advertisement on their website in order to redirect traffic to the Wallhogs website.  You may chose to advertise, utilizing our free tools, the entire site or specific items such as custom wall decals, glossy posters or gallery wrapped canvas.

     This program is great not only for earning additional revenue, but also for fundraising events or promotions.  Enrollment is absolutely free and our partners earn up to 20% commission on any user purchase redirected from your website.  Don't hesitate - continue to learn more below or get started now by completing the enrollment form below.




How Does the Wallhogs Marketing Affiliate Partner Program Work

     The Wallhogs Marketing Affiliate Partner Program allows qualified partners to send traffic from their website to Wallhogs and if a purchase is made by the redirected user you, our partner, earn a 20% commission.  Wallhogs provides you the graphic banner advertisements, as well as your affiliate code, so once a user selects the link from your website we are able to track them, up to 30 days, through the checkout process.  All you have to do is place the advertisement on your site, sit back and wait to collect your commissions.  Partner commissions are paid every 30 days for the prior months sales (i.e. December sales are paid by end of January) via PayPal.

     Once enrolled in the program your affiliate ID is automatically created and our systems will integrate your account with 60 minutes.  When you account is active you may login and have access to the following from the Account Dashboard:

  • Affiliate ID:  Your Marketing Affiliate ID is located in the upper right hand corner of your dashboard next to your name.
  • Creatives:  This will include all of the graphic banners Wallhogs provides to place on your website.  You may select from our entire products line or a category such as;  Wall Decals, Glossy Posters or Gallery Wrapped Canvas.
  • Financials:  This includes estimated payments to date, payments in approval and total commission paid to date.
  • Reporting:  We offer extensive reports that you can break down by the type of advertisement you selected or by product SKU.  You may generate reports for specific date periods and even email them to yourself.
How Do I make Money in the Wallhogs Marketing Affiliate Partner Program


     All Affiliate Partner commissions are paid on a monthly calendar basis, however only if you have accrued $25 or more.  Any monies owed that are less than $25 will remain in your affiliate account until the minimum $25 threshold is reached.  Payments are made for each calendar month in the proceeding 30 days following the month commission are earned (i.e. December commissions are paid by January 31st).  You will earn a 20% commission on any items sold and this includes all products we currently offer, and all affiliate payments are processed through PayPal - with no exceptions.  You may track all of your financial information from your Affiliate Dashboard to include; commissions earned to date but not paid, total commission earned to date and payments awaiting approval.


What Tools Does Wallhogs Provide in the Marketing Affiliate Partner Program
     Wallhogs provides you all of the tools required to get our advertisements listed on your website.  Once enrolled and logged into your account you can select the "Creative" tab on your account dashboard to view and download any of the banners.  We have provided graphics banners for all of our custom products, or you may download specific banners for each product category to include: Custom Wall Decals, Custom Glossy Posters or Custom Gallery Wrapped Canvas.  For proper html coding of the link you will need to utilize the following:
    1. If utilizing one of our banner ads download the ad and place on your hosted server.
    2. Locate the page on wallhogs.com where you would like to redirect users and copy the url from the destination bar.
    3. From your Affiliate Dashboard you can see the default link is the Wallhogs home page, however you may select the "Create Link to Specific Page" option.
    4. Paste the address to your dashboard then select the "COPY" button.
    5. Paste this link for the banner and text link ad. Your affiliate ID will already be copied into the link you are pasting.

Graphic Banner Example:
  Items in red are the information you will need to paste or include

  • <a href="this is where you past the wallhogs.com page address and affiliate ID you have selected to re-direct users to"><img src="the server folder on your web server where the banner image can be located"></a>
  •    Here is a completed example of a banner ad:  <a href="http://wallhogs.com?rfsn=174005.b980"><img src="www.wallhogs.com/images/marketing/img1.jpg"></a>

    Text Link Example:
      Items in red are the information you will need to paste or include

  • <a href="this is where you past the wallhogs.com page address and affiliate ID you have selected to re-direct users to">This is any copy you wish to use for the text link</a>
  •     Here is a completed example of a text ad:  <a href=http://www.wallhogs.com?rfsn=174005.b980">Custom Wall Graphics from Wallhogs</a>

    Wallhogs Marketing Affiliate Partner Program Frequently Asked Questions





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