Wallhogs Preferred Partner Program

Learn More About Wallhogs Preferred Partner Program      Welcome to the Wallhogs Preferred Partner Program. You're in the market for new products and have an existing customer base, so why not offer them some of the most innovative and requested products on the market? Add Wallhogs unique products to your lineup to remain a step ahead of your competitors. You take and submit the orders (up to 35% off retail) and we print and drop ship directly to your customers - with no Wallhogs branding.

Learn more below about the entirety of the program to include; What it is, how it works, what products you may offer, what tools Wallhogs provides, and of course the most important aspect - how do you make money? Once you are certain you wish to join us as a partner, absolutely free of charge, simply complete the fields for enrollment, at the bottom of this page, and your application will be reviewed within 24 business hours. If accepted your account will be tagged with the appropriate discount and you will receive an email informing you of your acceptance.

Please do not hesitate to contact our affiliate department if you have any questions about the program. You can reach us at affiliates@wallhogs.com and one of our associates will respond to your inquiry within 24 business hours.

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What Is Wallhogs Photographer Affiliate Partner Program


     The Wallhogs Preferred Partner Program is intended for use by anyone that maintains a business and wants to offer their customers additional products. You're in business and already have an existing customer base - why not offer them some of the most innovative and requested products today? Add Wallhogs hi-quality products to your existing lineup and stay one step ahead of your competitors. You take and submit orders (up to 35% off retail), we print and dropship directly to your customers - with no Wallhogs branding and no additional charges for dropshipping (you just pay the postage).  We also provide, at no additional cost, FREE background removal and proofing.  Why wait? Get started now by applying for your free account!





 How Does the Wallhogs Photographer Affiliate Partner Program Work

      Wallhogs Preferred Partner Program could not be any easier. Once enrolled you account is flagged with the base 25% discount and any orders placed through your account will automatically receive the discount. You may also have the prints shipped directly to you for delivery to your customer, or you can have Wallhogs dropship the order directly to your customer - with no Wallhogs branding. You may even request an electronic proof be sent to you, at no charge, via email for approval prior to Wallhogs producing it.

You can be assured you will always receive the best discount as every partner account is auto-reviewed at the end of every month, and if you have achieved the next tier sales level your account will be flagged with the appropriate discount. You simply focus all of your efforts on selling to your customers and placing orders. Don't wait, get started now!




How Do I make Money in the Wallhogs Photographer Affiliate Partner Program

     Wallhogs Preferred Partners earn revenue immediately from the discount you receive on every order. Wallhogs offers the largest partner discounts in the industry via our tiered discount structure. In turn you may simply charge your customer Wallhogs normal retail or MSRP and earn the discount revenue level which you receive from Wallhogs, or you may markup your price to customers for the products to realize an even larger margin. Essentially, you may price the products at whatever price you believe your specific market will bear.

Another great advantage to our program is all partner accounts are reviewed on a monthly basis to determine if the next tier level has been achieved. Once you achieve a specific discount tier you remain there until you satisfy the requirements for the next tier - never moving back to a prior discount level. Here are the easily achievable discount tiers and their respective sales amounts required:

One Month Purchases Discount
Initial Discount up to $249 25%
$250 - $499 28%
$500 - $749 31%
$750 + 35%


What Products Can I Offer in the Wallhogs Photographer Affiliate Partner Program

     Of course our Preferred Partners may offer any of the custom products on the Wallhogs website, however the vast majority of our 7,000+ partners select a few SKU's and add them to their order envelopes. You have the opportunity to select from the following custom products:

Custom Wall Decals (4 Mil Vinyl, 7 Mil Wall Decor Fabric, 6 Mil Photo-Tex Fabric and 6 Mil Photo-Tex EXS Fabric)
  • 12" ~ 24" ~ 36" ~ 48" ~ 60" ~ 72" ~ 84"
Custom 10 Mil Glossy Posters
  • 12" ~ 24" ~ 36" ~ 48" ~ 60" ~ 72" ~ 84"
Custom Professional Gallery Wrapped Canvas
  • 8"x12" ~ 11"x14" ~ 16"x20" ~ 24"x24" ~ 24"x36" ~ 36"x36" ~ 30"x40"




Wallhogs Photographer Program Frequently Asked Questions

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