Wallhogs Preferred Reseller Partner Program | What Is It?

Wallhogs What Is the Preferred Partner Program

What Is the Wallhogs PRPP Affiliate Program?     

     Simply put – a way for you to increase your current sales and revenue by offering your customers hi-quality, custom wall décor merchandise made right here in the United States - Latrobe, Pennsylvania to be exact. Our affiliate program offers you the ability to earn anywhere from 25% up to 35% - or even more on every sale made. You control the prices to your customers by charging whatever you believe your market will bear then purchase at your current discount tier from Wallhogs. By using your customers photos or artwork you can offer all Wallhogs custom wall decor products or a single product that includes; life-size custom wall decals, beautiful glossy posters and professional gallery wrapped canvas with other products to follow like; full-size wall murals, glass prints, framed posters and metal prints.  As an added bonus you will also have access to autohogs.com, one of our sister sites, allowing you to increase your product offerings to removable and reusable decals for vehicles.

     The Wallhogs PRPP Affiliate Program also offers FREE electronic proofing prior to printing, FREE non-branded drop shipping to your customers (you only pay the price for actual shipping), FREE tools for marketing purposes and FREE domestic shipping on orders of $99 or more.  Join our family of 5,000+ partners worldwide and start making money from your very first order.  Learn more about the partner program using the buttons below or don’t wait, get started now!

     Questions?  Use the FAQ link below or contact one of our Affiliate Partner Program associates at affiliates@wallhogs.com.  Your questions will be answered within 24 business hours. 

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