Wallhogs Preferred Reseller Partner Program | What Tools Are Available?

Wallhogs What Tools Are Available in the PRPP Program

What Tools Are Provided To Assist In Selling?     

     Wallhogs offers several marketing tools dependent upon how you are selling the wall decor products.  For digital e-commerce sales you are authorized to utilize any of the images on the Wallhogs website - provided you are currently an authorized partner.  If you are seeking to simply drive traffic to Wallhogs and be paid a commission, you may want to review our Marketing Affiliate Program.  If selling via brick-and-mortar or at events we offer free marketing and sell sheets you may download and customize - the vinyl wall decal sheets are available here and fabric (Wall Decor Fabric and Photo-Tex) are available here.  Tools for other products will be available once our marketing department completes them.

     Questions?  Use the FAQ link below or contact one of our Affiliate Partner Program associates at affiliates@wallhogs.com.  Your questions will be answered within 24 business hours. 

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