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Use Code TAKE15 to Save 15% on Your Initial Order, Plus Always FREE Shipping On orders of $99 or More.
What are Custom Wall Decals? Wallhogs Blog Post

What are Custom Wall Decals?


Many of our Customer Service phone calls and emails pertain to what exactly are custom wall decals and how can I use them?  Simply stated, wall decals are oversize stickers, however with several different characteristics.  All of us have used small paper-based stickers as a kid, or even adult, and know they are a simple, one time use, peel and stick product.  We are also aware that when you attempt to remove stickers they peel off in pieces due to the solvent, permanent adhesive that is used.

Custom wall decals have actually been in existence for many years but were only available for commercial use – and many of these were the same material as stickers were made of.  It was not until 2006 when both Fathead and Wallhogs launched on the internet that the custom, removable and reusable vinyl wall decals were born.  The substantial difference between the old paper-based sticker products and the new vinyl wall decal products are decals maintain a water-based adhesive that allow you to remove it then reuse it if needed, as well as to have nearly any size decal you wish to be printed.   

Wallhogs was the first company, in August 2006, to offer custom wall decals to anyone that wanted to upload their own image and have it produced as a wall decal.  You may have the entire image printed as-is (rectangle, square, circle, etc.) or have the option to simply have the subject in the image die-cut from the background of the photo or artwork. Once you approve the image Wallhogs digitally prints, using 10-color wide format printers - meaning we provide you with realistic, eye popping colors and smooth gradients then die-cut your subject to the very edge – no white borders.

Wallhogs offers sizes that start at 12” and can be produced as large as you wish – as long as your image meets our minimum resolution requirements of 2048x1536 pixels or higher.  Pricing starts at $13 and can go as high as thousands depending upon how large you wish to have an image printed, however the majority of customers select one of our standard sizes (12”, 24”, 36”, 48”, 60”, 72”, 84” or 96”) with prices ranging between $13 up to $115.

            The possibilities are endless as nearly any photo or piece of artwork can be used to make a wall decal.  Of course, as mentioned above, there are limitations to the size and types of images that can be used to produce wall decals, however we will cover this in an additional post that will explain the file types and how they work, as well as pixel resolution sizes.

Have questions:  contact one of our wall decal experts via email at, or speak to them Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST at (877) 900-4647 or, get started now by uploading your image and ordering.  We provide electronic proofs within 24 business hours and will ship your custom wall decal just a few days after.

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