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FREE Shipping On orders of $99 or More.
What are Custom Wall Decals? Wallhogs Blog Post

What are Custom Wall Art Decals?







Many of our Customer Service phone calls and emails pertain to "What exactly are custom wall decals and how can I use them?"  Here we will explore and explain the types and use of custom wall decals.


Abbreviated History of Wall Decals

Simply stated, wall decals are oversize stickers, however with several different characteristics.  All of us have used small paper-based stickers as a kid, or even adult, and know they are a simple, one time use, peel and stick product.  We are also aware that when you attempt to remove stickers they rip and peel off in pieces due to the solvent, permanent adhesive that is used.

Custom wall decals have actually been in existence for many years but were only available for commercial use – and many of these were printed on the same paper material as stickers were – meaning they were a one-time use.  Over time the custom decals were upgraded to more durable vinyl media, but maintained the same permanent, solvent adhesive, again a one-time use product.  Until 2006…

Types of Wall Decals

In 2006, when both Fathead and Wallhogs launched on the internet, the custom, removable and reusable vinyl wall decal products were born.  This new vinyl wall decal material utilizes a new form of vinyl, free of harmful PVC’s, and maintains a new water-based adhesive that allows users to remove the decal, without scarring the application surface, then reuse it multiple times prior to the adhesive wearing out.  This new media was produced on enormous rolls up to 60” wide and 300 feet in length, allowing users to order nearly any size custom decal.

Wallhogs was the first company, in August 2006, to offer custom vinyl wall decals to anyone that wanted to upload their own image and have it produced as a personalized wall decal.  As our business flourished we learned some users were unable to utilize this new vinyl wall decal material due to wanting or needing to install it onto textured surfaces or even outdoors.  These new vinyl decal materials can only be installed on a smooth, flat, painted surface in temperature controlled environments, meaning we had to develop or locate an alternative for these customers.

In 2008 we located a new material called Photo-Tex – a finely woven polyester fabric that utilized the same removable and reusable water-based adhesives as the new vinyl medias.  The only problem – they were only available in 8.5”x11” and 8.5”x14” sheets, not very conducive to making large wall decals.  However, after exhaustive talks with the owners of the Photo-Tex company they decided to manufacture this fabric material in rolls available for wide format printing.   Needless to say, Wallhogs was the first custom wall décor manufacturer to utilize Photo-Tex – meaning our users with slightly textured application surfaces could also have a custom wall decal made.  We also worked with a company to develop a liquid coating we could apply to the printed decal to make it UV and weather-resistant to outdoor elements.  Wallhogs is the only wide format print manufacture to offer this coating on custom fabric wall decals.

Even though we now offered two different wall decal materials – the vinyl and fabric – we still had a large number of requests for users with moderate to extremely textured surfaces.  Photo-Tex Group came through again after our requests for a more aggressive adhesive for such surfaces.  This new Photo-Tex EXS material utilizes the same finely woven polyester but maintains a more aggressive water-based adhesive that can be removed, but not reused.  This material can also be utilized outdoors.

Use for Custom Wall Decals

As stated above in history custom decals were originally intended for commercial use in the signage industry, but all of that has changed.

Wallhogs digital wide format printing now allows any user to upload an image or artwork to be produced as a custom wall decal.  You may have the entire image printed as-is (rectangle, square, circle, etc.) or have the option to simply have the subject in the image die-cut from the background.  We even provide you a free video that instructs you how to take a proper photo or submit artwork to make a wall decal.

 Wallhogs Print As-Is Submitted Wall Decal Wallhogs Die-Cut Wall Decal
Print As-Is Wall Decal Die-Cut Wall Decal

There is no set use for these custom decals, you can use them however you wish; a Fathead type sports decal of your kid placed in their room, a favorite photo digitally printed and installed in any room of the home, smaller decals for art projects, signage for businesses, window signs, wall decals for schools and colleges, the possibilities are endless.

Wall Decal Installation

All of our wall decal materials are simple peel & stick installations.  Easy to follow installation instructions are included with every order and we even have a six-part video series for decals that arrive with a transfer tape.  This transfer tape allows die-cut letters or graphics elements to remain aligned and in aspect during installation for a professional appearance.

Why Wallhogs?

Wallhogs was the very first to offer custom wall decals to anyone by simply allowing you to upload your images or artwork online to our service.  Once you upload your image and place your order the Wallhogs Graphics Team reviews every image prior to processing to ensure you will receive a high quality product.  Once you approve the image Wallhogs digitally prints, using 10-color wide format printers - meaning we provide you with realistic, eye popping colors and smooth gradients then die-cut your subject to the very edge – no white borders.  Competitors, in order to reduce costs, may only be using four color printers and will leave a white outline around your image when die-cutting.

Wallhogs is also the only company to offer you three different wall decal materials – depending upon the application surface you are installing your decal on.  We currently offer eight standard sizes:  12”x10”, 24”x24”, 36”x36”, 48”x48”, 60”x52”, 72”x52”, 84”x52” and 96”x52”, however can produce larger decals – oversize multi-piece decals.

Wallhogs also offers the best pricing in the industry starting at $13 and even offers a 10 Day Price Match Guarantee.  We can offer the best prices due to the large volume of wall decals we produce, thereby allowing us to negotiate better pricing with vendors due to the amount of media we purchase.


Have questions:  contact one of our wall decal experts via email at, or speak to them Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST at (877) 900-4647 or, get started now by uploading your image and ordering.  We provide free electronic proofs within 24 business hours and will ship your custom wall decal just a few days after proof approval.


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