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FREE Shipping On orders of $99 or More.

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      If you are a principal, a teacher, a superintendent, or any other leadership role in a school system, then you might have an input on what the educational wall decals look like. Even if you are a volunteer parent helping to set up classroom vinyl decals, you understand that there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to wall decals for schools. But not to worry, if you are searching for that ideal wall graphic for your school, you have come to the right place.
     Welcome to the Schools & Colleges Solution area where you will find ideas and information pertaining to custom wall decals for schools that will assist you with student learning and school spirit. After all, it is important for schools to focus on both, and removable wall decals for classrooms are an excellent way to achieve this.

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Anywhere and Everywhere

     Classroom vinyl decals can be personal and focus on important messaging of that particular room. For example, are you a teacher that has a catchphrase you are so certain works with your students, helping them remember those lesson plans so well? Why not turn it into your very own teacher wall decal? This can be a great way to keep those phrases stuck in your students’ minds, helping them grow and learn on a constant basis.

     Or perhaps the school as a whole wants to focus more on school spirit, putting school slogans and chants all over the school? Or maybe just a large wall decal for the school gymnasium or common lunch area? These types of messaging banners can add school spirit while also improving the overall decor of the room and school.

Wallhogs are Useful for Decorating Schools or Offices
Wallhogs are Great for Decorating Sets for Musicals or Plays

Messaging is Timely

   Wall graphics for schools don’t have to be expensive, nor do they have to be permanent. Long gone are the days of painting a mascot or a massive school mural on the side of a wall. Not only are these types of materials costlier than they once were, but the time that goes into something like this is tremendous.

     By turning your sights to classroom vinyl decals, for instance, you can rest easy knowing that the image is going to turn out just as you pictured, and the process of putting it on the wall is going to be simple and straightforward. But what’s more, the process of taking it down will be simple and straightforward as well!

     Since our classroom wall decals are removable, you can stay up to date with the time, the season, or the lesson plan. If you want to make a Halloween sign, for instance, and tie it into your educational messaging, then there is nothing to prevent you from doing so!

     And in this way, wall decals for schools can be fun for not only the faculty and staff but also for the students, who want a lively and up-to-date learning experience. Essentially, whatever type of current messaging you want to convey to your students, you can do it easily and effectively with classroom wall decals.

More About Us

     At Wallhogs, we have worked with both primary and secondary education institutes over the past 16+ years. But the fun doesn’t stop there! 

     Wallhogs has worked with hundreds of primary education facilities and nearly two dozen high-profile colleges in providing school decals ranging from simple signage to full-size wall murals – all that can be easily installed without any professional assistance, thereby saving you much-needed capital to reinvest in your school. We also offer discounts to all schools and universities based on the order size – so you save even more.

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     Get started now and save 15%, using the code TAKE15, off your initial order (orders of 10 pieces or more are eligible for a bulk discount and you will need to contact one of our wall décor experts so they can generate a code for you).

    Questions, or need a bulk discount code? Contact one of our wall decor experts at, or via our toll-free number, (877) 900-4647, Monday - Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST.

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Stanford University in California Customer Testimonial | Wallhogs

“Thank you to the team at Wallhogs. The signs turned out terrific and held up extremely well for the events. We will definitely be utilizing your services in the future. Thanks again.”

Stanford University

Bryan High School in Ohio Customer Testimonial | Wallhogs

“Our state-qualifying golf team. Love your product and will be ordering many more for the school's sports teams.”

Bryan High School

Andrew Kloss from Illinois Customer Testimonial | Wallhogs

“Thanks for a terrific product. Our wrestling room is looking sharp with a giant Wallhogs Spartan logo. Installation was straightforward and the quality is superb.”

Andrew Kloss

“Hello! I ordered 3 Photo-Tex Wallhogs recently. I just want to say...AWESOME! Better than what I expected! They are a great hit at the school. I will be placing yearly orders from now on. What a fantastic gift to give seniors in their last year playing volleyball. Great service on the phone when I called with questions and fabulous product! Thanks again.”

Michelle Thomas

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