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Girl's Room Canvas Print Collection

Attention all parents: If you want a stunning girls room that's worth bragging about, look no further than our canvas prints!

Our museum-quality prints offer an upscale appearance that will add a touch of sophistication to any space. Plus, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee and Limited Lifetime Warranty, so you can trust that our prints will stand the test of time.

Choose from a variety of enchanting designs featuring animals, horses, butterflies and more- perfect for your little girls' sanctuary.

Don't settle for boring wall decor- upgrade your daughter's room with our beautiful canvas prints and watch it transform into a magical wonderland!

Customer Voices

Brooke Mattiace Five Star Review

"I got this for my 5 yr old niece for her Bday she said was the best gift ever and her mom said every night before she goes to bed she reads Elsa a book and gives her a kiss good night it is so cool like giving a lil girl a 5 ft friend to play with! Best gift ever!!"

Brooke Mattiace

Jose Z Five Star Review

"The girls made it the center of the bedroom area Thanks Oh yes Easy to install."

Jose Z.

Scott Partridge Five Star Review

"The Wallhogs staff is helpful and responds quickly to questions. The turnaround is fast, and the product looks terrific. Thanks, Wallhogs!"

Scott Partridge

Steven Resh Five Star Review

"Nice wall decor for my daughter's room. She loves it."

Steven Resh

Kristina Dickerson Five Star Review

"Love this..perfect size and the glitter is awesome..."

Kristina Dickerson

Irene Tayeh Five Star Review

"It's a very nice decal. My daughter wouldn't sleep anywhere else."

Irene Tayeh

Michelle Lillo Five Star Review

"Goes perfectly with the theme in my girls room. Love it!!!!"

Michelle Lillo

Joyce Obrien Five Star Review

"Fantastic! Bought this for my granddaughters room. Size of decal set is great. Only thing missing is Olaf. Had to buy another decal set to get him."

Joyce Obrien

Manny Blevins Five Star Review

"My daughter loves frozen,is a big picture is like having her inside the room."

Manny Blevins