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FREE Shipping On orders of $99 or More.
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Movie Wall Decor Collection

Looking to add some serious Hollywood flair to your room? Look no further than our incredible selection of movie wall decor!

With our unbeatable 30-day money-back guarantee, you can be sure you'll absolutely love the hi-resolution digital printing and ease-of-use peel & stick technology.

Whether you're looking for timeless quotes from classic films or themed decals that let you recreate your very own home theater experience, we have everything you need to transform any space into a silver screen showcase. From Disney's Frozen to the epic battles of Star Wars and Transformers and more, our selection of movie wall decor will bring your favorite films to life in your very own home.

So don't wait any longer - start browsing our incredible selection today and turn your room into a cinema-worthy space!

Customer Voices

Janice Schrader Five Star Review

"McQueen is great . Perfect on the wall ."

Janice Schrader

Ernestine Kusnan Five Star Review

"Bought this for my grandsons bedroom he is a HUGE Bumblebee fan it sticks to the wall with no problem. he loves it."

Ernestine Kusnan

Brooke Mattiace Five Star Review

"I got this for my 5 yr old niece for her Bday she said was the best gift ever and her mom said every night before she goes to bed she reads Elsa a book and gives her a kiss good night it is so cool like giving a lil girl a 5 ft friend to play with! Best gift ever!!"

Brooke Mattiace

Robin Carver Five Star Review

"This wall pop is a great addition to our grandsons room! He loves Frozen! We love the size of this and that when he outgrows Frozen it can be easily replaced with no wall damage. And it was a great price too!"

Robin Carver

Rebekah V Five Star Review

"This decal is perfect. My autistic son lives for SpongeBob. It's the only decoration we needed in the room. The character decal comes in several pieces, but it's easy to put up."

Rebekah V.

RB Five Star Review

"Kids love them. Easy to put on and move around. A great decor for any kids bedrooms. If your kids are in the Harry Potter phase. Easy to put on than take off or move."


Ginger Aelker Five Star Review

"Big Hobbit fan! Easy to apply and easy to remove! Pros: If you are a Hobbit fan! get it!! Cons: none"

Ginger Aelker

Nadia Five Star Review

"Some assembly required, but they were a hit for our Lion King party!"


Kay Atkins Five Star Review

"Really nice and realistic. We have a Star Wars themed gameroomtheater room in our vacation rental at Windsor Island Resort near Disneyworld. has the coolest Star Wars theme happening and this really made it more awesome. I plan to paint some type of ship vanishing point to add to the “inside the ship” look."

Kay Atkins