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Wallhogs Photographer Affiliate Partner Program | How Does It Work?

How Does the Wallhogs Photographer Affiliate Partner Program Work Enrollment
Wallhogs 4.8 Out of 5 Star Product Rating
9.8 Out of 10 People Recommend Wallhogs
9.7 Out of 10 People Trust Wallhogs
Wallhogs has Served Over 500,000 Customers Worldwide
Wallhogs Donates 1% of Every Sale to St Jude
Wallhogs Products are Produced in USA Pennsylvania
Wallhogs Offers a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Wallhogs Offers a 10 Day Price Match Guarantee
Wallhogs  Offers Free Shipping On All Orders Over $99

* Wallhogs will donate 1% of the purchase price for every product sold online to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital®

How Does The PAPP Affiliate Program Work?

     Wallhogs Photographer Affiliate Partner Program is a snap to use. Once enrolled your account is flagged with the base 25% discount and reviewed every month to determine if the purchase prerequisite has been achieved to move to the next tier. The chart below displays the partner purchase levels required for each tier.

One Month Purchase RevenueAffiliate Discount
Initial Discount up to $24925%
$250 - $49928%
$500 - $74931%
$750 +35%

     Once your customer places an order with you and selects the image they wish to use you simply login and place that order through your Wallhogs account. We also offer FREE electronic proofing if you, or your customer, wish to review the image prior to printing. For shipping, you can have the product shipped to you for review and delivery or have the prints shipped directly to your customer - with no Wallhogs branding. This white label service is provided to all partners at no additional charge – just the cost of shipping.

     As you can see the entire process is truly uncomplicated. You control the cost charged to your customers then place the order through Wallhogs at your discount and keep the difference. Once your order is placed you can sit back and relax as the Wallhogs staff then begins the process of preparing your image, production of the product, and even shipping. Why wait, it's FREE to Enroll so let’s get started.

Questions? Use the FAQ link below or contact one of our Affiliate Partner Program associates at Your questions will be answered within 24 business hours. 

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Wallhogs Customer Product Testimonials

Cindy Comodeca in Ohio Customer Testimonial | Wallhogs

“Here is a photo of my wife standing beside her actual football image. This product is unbelievable and we will be telling all of the other women in the league about Wallhogs.”

Cindy Comodeca

Nick Abanavas in New York Customer Testimonial | Wallhogs

“This is the second time we have used wallhogs to produce an image on photo tex for us. We used this picture of flowers from the New York Botanical gardens and had it pre-cut to border the entrance to our kitchen. Wallhogs got our approval, produced the image, and sent us the finished product to our door in about a week.”

Nick Abanavas
New York

Colin Laslau from Texas Customer Testimonial | Wallhogs

“I’m quite happy with the job that you guys did. And at much more reasonable prices than your competitors. Keep it up!”

Colin Laslau

Marissa Seremet in New York Customer Testimonial | Wallhogs

“This was the perfect application to match my daughter’s bedroom theme. It was inexpensive and very easy to install - even on the ceiling.”

Marissa Seremet
New York