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FREE Shipping On orders of $99 or More.
The Rialto Bridge Gloss Poster Printed | Wallhogs
The Rialto Bridge Gloss Poster Installed | Wallhogs
The Rialto Bridge Gloss Poster Printed | Wallhogs
The Rialto Bridge Gloss Poster Installed | Wallhogs

Canaletto "The Rialto Bridge" Gloss Poster (4 Sizes Available)


     Immerse yourself in the grandeur of Venice without ever leaving your home with the stunning Canaletto "The Rialto Bridge" Gloss Poster. This exquisite reproduction of Canaletto's (1697-1768) seminal work, originally crafted in the 18th century, captures the essence and spirit of one of Italy's most breathtaking cities, all from the comfort of your living space.

     Crafted with an astonishing level of detail, this professional-grade, 10-mil glossy poster surpasses ordinary wall decor in quality and durability. Producing vibrant colors and intricate gradients that remain unblemished and vivid, our hi-resolution 1440 DPI printing process utilizes 10-color fade-resistant inks, ensuring that each print comes to life with unparalleled clarity and richness.

¬† ¬† ¬†Embellish your walls with a piece of history; "The Rialto Bridge" not only depicts the architectural marvel at the heart of Venice but also encompasses the bustling commercial life and serene beauty that has fascinated onlookers for centuries. The poster elegantly features the natural archipelago at the center, the early-settled areas surrounding the Rialto, and the commanding presence of the Palazzo dei Camerlenghi ‚Äď the economic nucleus in the Republic's era.

     For your convenience and ease of installation, each poster is accompanied by durable 3M Poster Command Strips, enabling you to mount your new art piece securely without concern for wall damage. This added feature ensures that your poster remains as mobile and adaptable as you are, changing spaces and walls as easily as changing moods or décor themes.

     Produced with print-on-demand technology, your Canaletto "The Rialto Bridge" Poster is guaranteed to be a brand-new, never-before-seen print, setting your space apart with a unique and sophisticated focal point. Whether you're an art aficionado, a lover of historical landscapes, or someone looking to elevate their environment with a touch of elegance, this poster speaks volumes to the discerning and cultured individual.

     Be captivated by the timeless allure of Venice through Canaletto's masterful depiction, and let "The Rialto Bridge" transform your living space into a gallery of historical magnificence and refined taste. Make this unmatched piece of art decor yours today and revel in the enduring beauty of Italian artistry.

Available Size(s):  18.5"H x 24"W ~ 28"H x 36"W ~ 37"H x 48"W ~ 46.5"H x 60"W (pictured)

Poster Features & Benefits

Hi-Res 1440 DPI Digital Printing

Our posters are produced using our high-resolution, wide-format printers. This allows us to achieve vibrant colors, smooth gradients, and a gloss finish.

UV & Fade Resistant

Wallhogs posters use UV-resistant inks that are treated to prevent fading for up to 7 years.

Gloss Poster Attributes | Wallhogs

Professional Gloss Finish

Wallhogs gloss poster finish offers a deep, rich, glossy luster - without the reflective hot spots often found in super-glossy posters.

Hanging Hardware Included

Every Wallhogs poster ships with enough 3M Command Poster Strips to hang your poster.

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