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Wallhogs Graphics Services

Original price $10.00 - Original price $65.00
Original price
$10.00 - $65.00
Current price $65.00

     Wallhogs offers several forms of graphics creation and editing services.  You must contact one of our Customer Service Representatives prior to scheduling any of these services to ensure we can meet your deadline - contact information listed below.  If the service you are requesting can be completed in the allotted timeframe you will be provided instructions on what service, as well as the quantity, to add to your shopping cart.  Following are the services provided:

  • Graphics Creation/Editing: Using this service Wallhogs Graphics Specialists will create an image or edit your existing image.  Cost for this service is the industry standard $65 per hour (minimum one hour).

  • Simple Graphics Re-Creation/Editing:  This service is intended for recreation of simple logos or artwork that are very basic and do not require detail work.  Cost for this service is $32.50 per 30 minutes (minimum 30 minutes)

  • Text Creation/Insertion:  Under this service Wallhogs Graphics Specialists can add text to your image.  Cost for this service is $10 per image.
  • Graphics Layout/Nesting/Multi-Up:  Using this service our Graphics Specialists can take your single image and multi-up, or replicate any number of images onto a larger printed sheet.  Cost for this service is $10 per any of our stanard size sheets up to 96"x52".

     Please contact of of our CSR's at out toll-free number, 877-900-4647, Monday thru Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST to schedule any of these services prior to placing your order.