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Custom Wall Decor Blog

  • What Type of File Works Best to Make a Wallhogs Blog Post
    July 30, 2021 Roberta Conklin

    What Type of File Do I Need to Order Custom Wall Decor?

    You want to have a wall decal made from one of your photos or artwork you've created, however not sure if the image will work?  This post explains the difference between file types and how they will enlarge and print so you will know exactly what type of file to submit.
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  • What are Custom Wall Decals? Wallhogs Blog Post
    April 11, 2007 Paul Conklin

    What are Custom Wall Art Decals?

    What exactly is a wall decal?  Wallhogs was the very first company to offer custom wall decals back in 2006, allowing you to utilize your own photos or artwork.  This process is explained here and ordering is easier than ever.
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