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FREE Shipping On orders of $99 or More.
FREE Shipping On orders of $99 or More.

Wallhogs Marketing Affiliate Partner Program | How Does It Work?

How Does the Wallhogs Marketing Affiliate Partner Program Work Enrollment
Wallhogs 4.8 Out of 5 Star Product Rating
9.8 Out of 10 People Recommend Wallhogs
9.7 Out of 10 People Trust Wallhogs
Wallhogs has Served Over 500,000 Customers Worldwide
Wallhogs Donates 1% of Every Sale to St Jude
Wallhogs Products are Produced in USA Pennsylvania
Wallhogs Offers a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Wallhogs Offers a 10 Day Price Match Guarantee
Wallhogs  Offers Free Shipping On All Orders Over $99

* Wallhogs will donate 1% of the purchase price for every product sold online to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital®

How Does the MAPP Affiliate Program Work?

     The Wallhogs Marketing Affiliate Partner Program allows qualified partners to send traffic from their website to Wallhogs and if a purchase is made by the redirected user you earn a 20% commission from that individual sale. Wallhogs provides you the graphic banner advertisements, as well as your affiliate code, so once a user selects the link from your website we are able to track them, for up to 30 days, through the checkout process. All you need to do is place the advertisement on your site, sit back, and wait to collect your commissions. Partner commissions are paid every 30 days for the prior months' sales (i.e. December sales are paid by end of January) via PayPal – NO EXCEPTIONS. The reason for the 30-day delayed period is due to any products that are returned for a refund within Wallhogs 30 day return policy.

     Once you apply for access to the program your request will be reviewed and approved/disapproved within 24 business hours. If approved your affiliate ID is automatically created and our systems will integrate your account within 60 minutes. When your account is active you will receive an approval email alerting you that you may login. From your main account dashboard you have access to the following options:

  • Affiliate ID: Your Marketing Affiliate ID is located in the upper right, hand corner of your dashboard next to your name.
  • Creatives: This will include all the graphic banners Wallhogs provides to place on your website. You may select from our entire products line or a category such as Custom Wall Decals, Custom Glossy Posters, or Custom Gallery Wrapped Canvas. Other products will be arriving soon.
  • Financials: This includes estimated payments to date, payments in approval, and total commission paid to date.
  • Reporting: We offer extensive reports that you can break down by the type of advertisement you selected or by product SKU. You may generate reports for specific date periods and even email them to yourself.

Questions? Use the FAQ link below or contact one of our Affiliate Partner Program associates at Your questions will be answered within 24 business hours.

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Wallhogs Customer Product Testimonials

Spark Marketing in Texas Customer Testimonial

“I just wanted to share with you this picture of the installed mural. The colors were excellent and really popped and the client was very pleased. Thanks for your help on this project and I hope from this one we will get many more.”

Spark Marketing

Shannon Wittman from Pennsylvania Customer Testimonial

“Thanks, Wallhogs! This made our custom gym even more personal. I have become one of your biggest fans and advertisers!”

Shannon Wittman
Pennsylvania from Colorado Customer Testimonial

“Wallhogs print in our main entrance hallway.”

Alan from Connecticut Customer Testimonial

“Looking Good.”

Alan & Madelene