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FREE Shipping On orders of $99 or More.
FREE Shipping On orders of $99 or More.

Wallhogs Marketing Affiliate Partner Program | What Is It?

What Is the Wallhogs Marketing Affiliate Partner Program Enrollment
Wallhogs 4.8 Out of 5 Star Product Rating
9.8 Out of 10 People Recommend Wallhogs
9.7 Out of 10 People Trust Wallhogs
Wallhogs has Served Over 500,000 Customers Worldwide
Wallhogs Donates 1% of Every Sale to St Jude
Wallhogs Products are Produced in USA Pennsylvania
Wallhogs Offers a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Wallhogs Offers a 10 Day Price Match Guarantee
Wallhogs  Offers Free Shipping On All Orders Over $99

* Wallhogs will donate 1% of the purchase price for every product sold online to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital®

What Is the Wallhogs MAPP Affiliate Program? 

     The Wallhogs Marketing Affiliate Partner Program is intended for use by any potential partner that wishes to earn a commission on sales by placing a Wallhogs marketing graphics banner, or text advertisement, on their website to redirect traffic to the Wallhogs website. You may choose to advertise utilizing the free tools we provide or design your own ads that market the entire custom wall décor site or specific items such as custom wall decals, custom glossy posters, custom gallery wrapped canvas, and other products arriving soon. This program is great not only for marketers wanting to earn additional revenue but is a fantastic tool for fundraising events or promotions. Enrollment is absolutely FREE and our partners earn up to 20% commission on any user purchase redirected from your website. Don't hesitate to continue to learn more using the links below or get started now by completing the enrollment form.

Questions? Use the FAQ link below or contact one of our Affiliate Partner Program associates at Your questions will be answered within 24 business hours.

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Wallhogs Customer Product Testimonials

“Hello! I ordered 3 Photo-Tex Wallhogs recently. I just want to say...AWESOME! Better than what I expected! They are a great hit at the school. I will be placing yearly orders from now on. What a fantastic gift to give seniors in their last year playing volleyball. Great service on the phone when I called with questions and fabulous product! Thanks again.”

Michelle Thomas

Chris Colwill from Florida Customer Testimonial | Wallhogs

“Thank you for all your help at Wallhogs. It was a monumental undertaking to get this completed and installed prior to Chris heading out and you made the process so much easier. Thank you again for your patience and let's all hope Chris does well as an Olympic contender.”

Chris Colwill

Tom Sutch in Pennsylvania Customer Testimonial

“We ordered two Wallhogs from you a couple of weeks before Christmas. We received them and they were really impressive. I followed the instructions/video to the letter and we had no problems applying the Wallhogs on Christmas Eve. Our kids love them.”

Tom Sutch

Gianni from New York Customer Testimonial

“Gianni is a superstar who plays Pop Warner football for The Ogden Bears in New York. We’re happy to support rising stars and look forward to tracking his team. Keep us posted Gianni!!”